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Em’s Power Cookies

What are Em’s Power Cookies & Bars?


Em's Power Cookies

  • Scrumptulicious:  Energy snacks that actually taste good. Made with wholesome natural ingredients, created by “Powergirl” Nutritionist Em.
  • Energy:  Sustained or “low glycaemic index” (Low GI) natural energy.
  • Uses:  Designed for all sports nutrition needs and everyday healthy snacking.
  • Carbohydrates:  From low GI oats and a mixture of natural sugars (rice syrup, honey, dried fruits) and brown sugar.
  • Fats:  Cardio-protective and natural – coconut, real dark chocolate, sunflower oil, peanuts and almond.
  • Protein:  No added whey, soy or other protein additives. The modest protein content is naturally occurring, and appropriate for energy snacks.