Krush Pro Bike Detailing Bucket Kit

$79.00 AUD
It contains everything you need to keep your ride looking great. Based around the premium range of Krush bike care products, this kit also includes 4 important bike cleaning tools to most effectively use the Krush range.


Krush Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser
  • A powerful citrus-based degreaser tailored to meet the maintenance needs of the modern MTB drivetrain.
  • Specifically designed to strip out old chain lube, grease, dirt, and grit, which if left untreated can drastically reduce the life and performance of your drivetrain components.
  • Safe on all bike surfaces
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Leaves your drivetrain free of contaminants
Krush Foaming Rapid Wash 1 Litre
  • Perfect alternative to hard-core bucket washing.
  • Based on the same high-strength biodegradable formula as KRUSH Premium Bike Wash.
  • Will cut through dirt, mud and road grime with ease.
  • Safe to use on alloy, carbon, rubber, metal, plastic and all bike surfaces.
  • Top up with 40ml of KRUSH Premium Bike Wash and water.
Krush After Wash Bike Spray 400g Aerosol
  • High purity residue-free silicon formula.
  • Protects and Lubricates.
  • Prevents dirt build-up between washes.
  • Restores a factory finish to both carbon and alloy frames leaving a protective non-stick coating.
  • Forces out excess moisture from drivetrain components, suspension components and other mechanical parts.
  • Keeps your pride and joy looking and performing like new.
Krush Brush
  • This soft bristle brush is ideal for all types of bike frames, wheel sets and all over bike washing.
Krush Bike Sponge
  • This provides two levels of washing with a soft felt finish on one side and a mesh agitating surface on the other.
  • Perfect for gentle washing on all bike surfaces and hard on stubborn grit when needed.
Krush Bike Chamois
  • Use this to dry your bike all over after its Krush bath.
  • Super absorbent, this chamois will remove any excess water before applying Krush After Wash Bike Spray.
Krush Microfibre Cloth
  • Used in conjunction with Krush After Wash Bike Spray to give your bike that back to new finish.
  • Wipe gently, no deep rubbing needed, ready for its next trail shred!
10 Litre Bucket
  • Premium bucket with sealable lid.