Quad Lock Lock Lanyard

$15.00 AUD
The Quadlock Lanyard is an accessory designed to provide additional security and peace of mind during higher energy activities when using a tripod or selfie stick. It features a slide adjustable wrist loop, allowing you to customize the fit to your preference.

The lanyard is designed to attach to the end cap of the tripod or selfie stick. By securing the lanyard to the end cap, you can prevent accidental drops or loss of your device while using it in dynamic or fast-paced situations. The lanyard serves as an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your tripod or selfie stick stays securely in your hand even if you accidentally release your grip.

Overall, the Quadlock Lanyard offers a convenient and reliable solution for keeping your tripod or selfie stick safe during activities that involve more movement or require a higher level of grip security.

  • Size: 237.8mm L x 14mm W x 8.8mm H