Abus Lock Bordo Lite 6055 No Brkt 60cm Black

$119.00 AUD

Abus Bordo Lite Bike Folding Lock (6055)A lightweight and reliable lock for keeping your bike tethered in relatively safe areas, this mini-version of Abus' Bordo lock is a compact and convenient choice for the commuter or city rider.
Using 5mm-thick steel bars to form a riveted loop, it is flexibly designed to wrap around your frame and anchor, locking in place with a key-secured, automatic cylinder. Easy to carry in your jersey pocket, it is a great deterrent against opportunistic bike thieves.

  • Special steel construction with colour-coordinated plastic coating to protect against paint damage
  • The bars and the housing are made of particularly light materials and steel alloys
  • Connection of the bars by special rivets
  • Optimal compromise between safety and weight
  • Including holder (SH or SH Selle Royal)
  • Ideal for the jersey pocket