Muc-off Silky Suspension Serum 100ml

$12.00 AUD
This silicone infused wonder formula reduces the stiction between wiper seals and stanchions, keeping everything lubricated to minimise small bump sensitivity and trail buzz. It even helps to repel muc(k) and grime, keeping surfaces cleaner and reducing the risk of contaminants getting into the wiper seals and ruining both your fork oil, and your ride.
  • Reduces stiction keeping your suspension silky smooth.
  • Lubricates seals
  • Boosts suspension performance
  • Works on shocks, stanchions and dropper posts
  • Helps prolong and protect the life of your parts
  • Helps repel dirt and cuts down on future cleaning and maintenance
  • Smells awesome!
How to
  1. Cover your disc brakes using our Disc Brake Covers
  2. Do not apply to your bike’s tyre treads and braking surfaces
  3. Do not use in direct sunlight. After cleaning, wipe down fork, shock, and/or dropper post with microfibre cloth and remove any excess water
  4. Shake bottle to activate formula, then spray a small amount directly onto shocks, stanchions, and/or dropper post
  5. Compress parts to drive in the formula, then wipe down any excess
  6. Re-apply before each ride for best results and maximum protection