Quad Lock Mag Head Standard

$29.00 AUD
Integrate the MAG Head to your standard Quad Lock car or desk mounts. Stronghold magnets will keep your phone in place during use around the home, office or in the car.

The interface and magnet array ensure you always mount your phone straight, in either portrait or landscape orientation. The MAG Head will fit seamlessly into your setup with its slim profile, matt black finish glass-filled nylon housing and black zinc-coated screw.

Please note: Quad Lock MAG Head requires the use of a Quad Lock MAG Case or MAG Universal Adaptor.

Not recommended for use in outdoor, rigorous applications, such as on motorcycles and bicycles.

  • MAG Compatible
  • Requires Quad Lock MAG Case or MAG Universal Adaptor
  • Also available: Quad Lock Mag Head Wireless Charging Adaptor