Shingleback Anti Rattle Bolt (magnetic)

$95.00 AUD

The Anti Rattle Bolt provides a rock solid fit to virtually eliminate any movement between the rack and vehicle tow hitch. No two hitches are the same, between vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket tow bar manufacturers they can vary in length, insertion depth, internal size, design differences and everyday wear and tear cause small millimetre variations in tow hitch sizes which can all contribute to a wobbly rack. Because most anti rattle devices only take out the slack in one direction, either up/down or side/side, some movement can still occur in some hitch’s, so when both the ARC and ARB are used the tow bar tube is locked rock solid in both directions for a very solid fit.

  • Use with the Anti Rattle Clamp
  • Can be used with/without the Hitch Shim